Comprised of Executives from the Clinical Laboratory space, Hospital Sector, Logistics, and Enterprise Distribution, our mission is to provide a premium aquisition experience. Our approach reflects the people we serve. We are diverse, yet the same.

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We supply a wide range of products for health-care organizations that are focused on meeting the needs of patients and professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of health care institutions’ equipment needs so that their medical professionals, employees, and staff focus on what matters most–improving the quality of life for patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry leader in providing innovative solutions to health-care institutions and organizations in the U.S.

Our Values


We value your time. We prioritize and commit to delvering over anything else, regardless of the situation.


We provide cost-effective products that will reduce your overhead without compromising quality.


We see trends in the market and are able to adapy quickly to source porudtcs as the needs and demands of providers change.


We partner with trusted manufacturers that provide quality products, again and again, to ensure you get what you need.

“Our ability to deliver the best products with the highest level of customer service is always our top priority.”

Amit Thaker – Managing Partner


My Nexus Team works with an exclusive list of clients, acting as an end-to-end solution for Enterprise, Medical Service providers with a CLIA license, and OTC solutions for wholesalers and distributors. My Nexus Team does not sell to the public..

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